Welcome breeders, owners, exhibitors and fanciers of the Karelian Bear Dog to the website of the American Karelian Bear Dog Alliance.

The American Karelian Bear Dog Alliance will concern any and all individuals committed to the preservation and protection of this Finnish national treasure, and hopes to build a group of enthusiasts who will maintain the integrity of this breed in North America by establishing the following mandate:

  • Establish a written code of ethics for owners and breeders that will create a strong and dedicated liaison of supporters.

  • Track and maintain matters pertaining to ongoing health concerns.

  • Represent a breed standard that will be universal throughout North America

  • Acknowledge current registrations by the Federation Cynologique Internationale, Canadian and United Kennel Clubs.

  • Form a Board of Directors who will provide information, perform seminars and other public services with no intent of personal or professional gain.

  • Perform these tasks under the direct auspices of Suomen Pystykorva jarjesto - Finland's parent breed body.


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