Members should/must provide proper and appropriate food, water, shelter, human companionship and medical care to all dogs in their care.


Members should conscientiously research and plan each litter with the intent to improve the breed and should be familiar with the standard in order to produce specimens which conform to it. Sire and dam should be free of communicable disease or debilitating genetic and/or congenital abnormalities. Sire and dam should be in good health at time of breeding; in the event of an artificial breeding, sire should be in good health at the time of semen collection. Whenever possible, puppy buyer should be able to view parents.

- No bitch or dog shall be bred before the age of two years.
- No bitch shall be bred more than once a year.
- No bitch shall be bred after 8 years of age, except after consultation with a veterinarian.
- No bitch should have more than three litters in her lifetime.
- Stud owners should be selective in accepting bitches to their stud dogs and should consider only bitches whose owners can adhere to this code of ethics.
- Mandatory breed relevant health clearance numbers shall be presented at the time of mating. This should, but not be limited to, the following:
a) CERF eye exam for PRA (progressive retinal atrophy)
b) OFA evaluation for hip dysplasia

PennHIP is the preferred hip evaluation method, as there is a breed specific database; this should be utilised and applied whenever possible.

Written stud contracts are encouraged.


Members shall sell or place Karelian Bear Dogs only to individuals who give satisfactory evidence that they will give the dog proper care and attention. Members shall provide new owners with care and feeding instructions. Under no condition shall dogs be sold to pet dealers or brokers, retail outlets, large scale breeding facilities or any source of commercial distribution. Breeders should adhere to AKC record keeping regulations.

- Spay/neuter contracts and/or limited registration should be given with pet quality puppies.
- Pets may not be sold with "puppy back" agreements.
- Puppies shall not be sold before 8 weeks of age, should be in good health and up to date on vaccines.
- Any puppy found to have serious hereditary or congenital health problems should be replaced, or monies refunded.
- If, for whatever reason an owner cannot keep a Karelian Bear Dog, regardless of age, the breeder shall take it back.
- Written contracts are strongly encouraged.

All advertising shall be factual, informative and free of fraudulent or misleading statements.


All members should observe a high standard of conduct, displaying sportsmanship, fair play and honesty at all competitive venues and non-competitive gatherings. They should comply with all AKC rules and regulations. They should represent the Club's purpose, participate in Club functions whenever possible, and provide information on breed history and purpose. Suspension from the AKC will result in immediate dismissal and termination of Club membership and privileges.

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